1Where are you based?
We’re located in the heart of New York City.
2How does the process work?
Our clients identify the publication that they’d like to be placed in > the client pays the invoice > the client fills out the content intake form > we place the story with an appropriate writer from our network > the article is delivered to the client in the agreed upon timeline > *if we don’t deliver the client receives a full refund.
3Why do contributing writers work with you?
Our co-founders have strong networks of writers and founders that have taken years to build. Our co-founders host 50+ events per year which gives us access to the best stories in the industries that we serve. We work with our clients to produce great stories for these writers which saves them a lot of time on finding great stories and research.
4How does the money back guarantee work?
It’s simple, if we fail at our job and don’t get you into your desired publication we will provide a full refund.
5What types of clients do you work with?
The majority of our clients up to this point have been tech startups, but we’ve also dealt with a variety of traditional industries like real estate, insurance, hotels, retailers, consumer products, lawyers, accountants, and more.
6How does payment work?
We ask for everything upfront. Our money back guarantee is included on the client invoice. We understand that some companies don’t feel comfortable doing this with their first article so we offer an escrow service. If the client decides to move forward with this, the escrow fees are passed onto the client which average out at about $150.
7Do you offer white label service?
Yes, we work with many PR agencies, offering white labeled or referral agreement opportunities. If you’re an agency and would like to understand the process please email hello@jumpingsquirrel.com.